Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Quantum Field Mirrors Our  Subconscious

Thoughts and Emotions Back to Us

After a century in textbooks, quantum mechanics goes mainstream. The quantum field is understood and now, ways have been and are being discovered to manipulate its energy for psycho-spiritual improvements to meet your needs.

Quantum mechanics—a theory of atomic behavior discovered in the early 20th century—has a well-earned reputation for transformation. The world, as humanity sees it is not, in fact, how the world works. Quantum mechanics replaces wholesale the centuries-old notion of a clockwork-like, deterministic universe. Reality now deals in probabilities and shades of gray, rather than in certainties of black and white. When one measures a possibility, one's very intention while measuring the possibility will affect the outcome of the possibility. The universe mirrors thoughts and brings more of the same to you via energetic attraction.

Along with this revelation comes the fact that particles can be nowhere or in two places at once. Particles can be linked as well. This is called entanglement. we do something to one particle, it can be felt by another, even across vast reaches of space. What is most exciting about quantum mechanics is its as yet untapped potential.

How does quantum mechanics work in PSYCH-K (R), which is a scientific art used to transform the subconscious computer in our psyche?  We don't know exactly how, but we have discovered ways, through experimentation, to transform any thought filed in our subconscious, and any feeling filed away in our heart--residing near us in the quantum field.  We see that thought, through positive intention, along with a whole-brain posture, transforms the energy from one thought or emotion to another choice.  The process transforms dark energy, based in fear, into light energy, based in love.  The process is managed by our super conscious.  Entanglement provides the impetus.

We now have, at our wrists, the miracle cure for all manner of emotional disturbances and mental blocks. These mental blocks affect our world. We can transform these blocks to feel better in most areas. We can transform our emotional past to feel better. When we feel better, we perform better and even change the quantum field in which we operate. These transformations allows the quantum field to mirror our new intentions, and help us create the lives we desire through making new opportunities available.

Opportunities will be blocked as new mental blocks and emotional disturbances are formed in our thought fields. It pays to make an appointment at Mind ReVision annually to find blocks (not unlike viruses) in your subconscious computer and to have them transformed into light energy via positive thoughts. We keep on our paths in this manner, and good things and good people are made available to us.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Your Mind Is In Your Hands

Your Mind Is In Your Hands

So why not take care of it? I facilitate state-of-the-art Energy Psychology via PSYCH-K ® and meridian methods to reprogram the subconscious mind for rapid, safe, lasting improvements. These methods are efficient for enhancing your life, without psychotherapy, with a 95% success rate. Energy Psychology is a family of methods that combine cognitive interventions (emotive, visual, and verbal) with physical interventions (derived from acupressure, yoga, NLP, EMDR and other methods) to re-balance components of the human vibrational matrix. This allows rapid, safe, positive change and optimal psychotherapeutic outcomes. Energy psychology is sound science, utilizing the mind-body connection to decrease pain, limiting beliefs, stress, depression. Maximize performance. Add new strengths, Update values. Transform emotions.

My name is Cher Noble, and I co-facilitate Energy Psychology with Cora Zone in our business called Mind ReVision, here in the Wellness Center in Mount Shasta, California. To aid in occasional discomfort, or for a complete psyche cleaning, we target the specific changes desired. Emotions and beliefs at the subconscious level determine our responses and reactions to life situations (real or imagined) without our conscious intervention. So it is up to us to update our subconscious programming. I facilitate the process while you decide the objectives and do the reprogramming. Expansion occurs as the reprogramming transforms your old subconscious beliefs, emotions, and blocks into self-enhancing values from which to live. We owe it to ourselves to experience life with love and understanding.

Energy Psychology is heartily endorsed by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., who wrote Biology of Belief. This ground-breaking book reveals not only that energy psychology improved his own life, but it explains how subconscious beliefs control not only automatic physical functions, but also gene activities, as well as our mental thoughts and physical behaviors. Considerable more date are needed to prove that energy psychology works to influence our bodies. Quantum physics is paving the way to our improved future.

The cleaner we are psychologically, the healthier we become emotionally and mentally. Mind ReVision allows you to align beliefs with your heart's values around health, spirituality, relationships, career, self-esteem, prosperity, grief, and more. Create a new psychological balance, by transforming outdated beliefs and emotions in your subconscious mind. 95% of our reality, and responses to it, are determined by subconscious beliefs we may not resonate with on a conscious level. It is difficult to feel inner peace when our conscious and subconscious minds are believing and thinking and feeling different things. Once re-aligned, your two minds work together on your focus, in harmony.

Developed in 1988 by psychotherapist Rob Williams, PSYCH-K ® directly improves communication between the conscious and subconscious minds, as well as cross-talk between the brain's left and right hemispheres. This results in a whole-brain state where resistance to changing subconscious beliefs is dramatically reduced. The whole-brain state, which is the outcome of all PSYCH-K ® sessions, expands your thinking and perception, and increases available options with which to respond to life's situations. We decide how we will respond internally to past events (including trauma) and externally to present life experiences. Scientific papers are available which prove the validity of the brain dominance theory, which is central to energy psychology. PSYCH-K ® requires 80% less effort and time and is 2/3s more effective than psychotherapy. Quantum physics has proven that PSYCH-K ® achieves its objectives over 95% of the time, while traditional psychotherapy has a quantifiable 35% success rate, and visualizations, and affirmations, even less.

My passion is helping people from all walks of life to help themselves choose personal freedom, release their limitations, achieve their dreams, and feel great in the process. The process is quick, easy, and permanent. I invite you to choose authentic beliefs that you translate into authentic living for true fulfillment.
You can choose to:
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Release post traumatic stress
  • Increase your sense of well-being
  • Re-perceive fears and phobias to feel at peace
You may be able to:
  • Increase your potential for: maximizing any performance, developing relationships, enhancing life situations, focusing healing energy, eliminating destructive habits, accelerating spiritual development, and more. The potential may be increased by transforming beliefs.
Ask yourself these questions:
  1. What kind of person have I been?
  2. What is one thing I want to change about myself?
  3. Do I have some limiting states of mind which block my connectedness? Examples of these include: competitive, conceited, overwhelmed, complaining, blaming, despairing, unworthy, self-involved, needing attention, under-confident, lazy, deceitful, controlling, and more.
  4. Do I need some unconditional love? Now you can give it to yourself, without punishment, or judgment, without manipulation or emotional abandonment, without blame, score-keeping, or story.
  5. Do I pretend I'm happy or perfect, when I am actually anxious?
  6. Do I try to make people like me, by being funny, by helping them, or by achieving something I don't want to do?
  7. Do I pity myself because I have suffered a great loss?
  8. Do I feel like a failure because I have not measured up to my goals or my parents' goals?

What are my qualifications? I have 78 hours training in Energy Psychology and PSYCH-K ®, 24 hours additional course work, and over 50 hours practice on clients. I have trained and studied on my own since 2011, following teachers such as Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Carolyn Myss, Don R. Riso and Russ Hudson, Stephen R. Covey, Rue Hass, Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, Dr. Doreen Virtue, Thomas Moore, Ken Keyes, Jr., Robert A. Johnson, Robert M. Williams, Jean Houston, and Marion Woodman, and others.

Once you bring yourself to an emotional state which includes emotions like inspired, content, loving, free, awed, grateful, and to a mental state which includes values like forgiveness, sincerity, integrity, humility, certainty, clarity, passion, trust, faith, acceptance, inner peace, and inner strength, you raise your well-being to a higher level. Your new level of being creates your new reality. You are NOT in control of your life. You are in control of your thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts and beliefs create feelings, actions, and reactions. Your mind is in your hands. Take care of it! It is your turn to know resonant joy.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Manifesting Your New Year's Resolution

We use 97% of our brain, and not only the 10% we've been led to believe. Our brain is energized by our mind, which is not visible, nor physical except in the quantum field. Quantum physics is the science of the properties of energies. To achieve our New Year's Resolution, we will transform our subconscious mind's energy in the form of beliefs and behaviors, so that it reflects the ideas held by our New Year's Goal.

We manifest our goal from an intention created by a desire. The desire is created by seeing an image we want for ourselves. We must transform the energy blocking our desire into the energy with which to manifest our goal. Transforming this energy is the secondary goal. We do not create new energy to manifest our New Year's Goal, but transform existing energy in our system.

Don't tell anyone about your New Year's Resolution. If you do, the chance of achieving it will be decreased. The more people you tell, the more you will decrease the chance of achieving your goal. By sharing your goal, you receive accolades that you would have received having achieved your goal. This takes the wind out of your sail before you get to your destination, as the energy required to transform energy is dissipated. Announcing your goal widens the gap between the goal and the outcome. Keep your goal quiet, secret, and sacred.

I recommend planning your goal statement with this formula: I do this to transform this into this in this amount of time. The wins are this, this, and this. The win-win is this. My reward is this. A sample goal statement is: I eat 80% less sugar and wheat in order to transform my weight from 145 to 125 in one year. The wins are that I gain inner strength and improved health on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. This brings me more happiness. The win-win is that I bring more joy to others with this increased happiness. My reward will be $1000 worth of new clothing. Long term, the goal may bring more rewards the following year, as I improve my entire life with my renewed self-confidence.

Another example is this: I organize and thin out my possessions, paint my house inside and out, and clean my yard in order to transform my house into staged appearance, in one year, so that I can sell it the following year. The wins are that I gain inner strength and improved health on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. This brings me more happiness. The win-win is that I bring more joy to others with this increased happiness. My reward will be two weeks in Hawaii. The following year may bring other rewards as I find a house I really want to live in, new friends, new interests, etc.

I suggest you write your goal statement, your wins, your win-win, and your reward in your date book which I have passed out, then date it, and sign it as a commitment to yourself. You are worth it. Place it in your date book and look at it every day as a reminder of your commitment to your well-being.

It is important to give yourself motivational gifts as well as punishments at monthly or even weekly appraisals. Feed your pleasure center to keep yourself motivated. Creating monthly subgoals and celebrating them as they are achieved allows your subconscious mind to receive the dopamine it craves, and it will then work for more. Set up short 20-minute steps to work on your subgoal. And don't cheat on motivational gifts or punishments. A motivational gift can be watching a special movie or making a long-distance call to a friend. A punishment can be cleaning the car or ironing for ½ hour. Also, don't worry about your long-term goal. Focus on the short term. When first starting, or when you are blocked, think about your short term subgoal for 15 minutes first, while doing nothing. All the steps to your final goal need to be recorded in your date book, so you can plan your activities. Think about the gifts you want to receive and write them in as well.

Our minds have a tiny conscious area, a large subconscious area, an upper ego known as the persona, the lower ego, the superconscious, and a connection to the soul. The conscious mind is a temporary holding vessel receiving input regularly from the persona and from the subconscious. The persona is sometimes informed by the lower ego, depending upon how much attention it receives. The superconscious informs the subconscious intermittently, as well, for the bigger decisions. The soul informs the subconscious on a regular basis. In simple terms, the subconscious mind tells your conscious mind what to live, while your persona tells your conscious mind how to live the what.

With a new goal, we must transform our subconscious minds to shape our behaviors. We don't consciously control our behaviors. Our subconscious informs our conscious mind before we feel, think, speak, react, and act. The subconscious mind sends the messages between 300 milliseconds and several seconds before the conscious mind receives them. Our conscious mind goes with the flow of our subconscious mind, but it is our conscious mind that takes credit for all, and even creates stories to support this superiority. Achieving a goal is a long-term process of re-training the subconscious mind in a new behavior, step-by-step.

May your New Year's Resolution bring you the well-being you deserve.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rocky, the Rock

"Profound.  Profound," I said aloud as I observed my rock rolling uphill. When it had reached the top of the rise, it turned and looked down at me, each crinkle in its little forehead moving with what I can only call emotion.

I ran up the trail after my rock, which I had named "Rocky," on account of its determination.  Rocky was waiting for me, looking proud and a bit tired. I reached down and picked Rocky up and hugged it to my chest. It felt hard and cold, and was covered with dust, but I intuited Rocky's warmth and spirit.

Rocky was not able to speak verbally, so a rudimentary crinkling of its surface--and actions such as rolling--were all the tools we had with which to communicate.

I always took Rocky with me on trips, short or long, and it especially loved hikes, I could tell.  Rocky saw more of the Western states than most Americans.  Now ski season, though was a bummer for Rocky.  It would sit on the floor in the house, or I would put it out on the front porch, for a different view, but not in the snow, because it couldn't roll around.  On short trips, I would place it on the dashboard in the car.  When I returned home, I would fetch Rocky and place it on the kitchen counter, so it could be with me while I cooked and cleaned.

Once I took a trip in an airplane and was gone for a fortnight.  I had placed Rocky carefully in the yard before I left, so he would be able to roll around.  When I returned, I couldn't find Rocky anywhere.  It was getting dark out, so I planned to get up early the next morning. At the crack of dawn, I ran out the door to look even harder for any trace of Rocky's tracks.  After an hour, I finally spotted that forlorn little rock, at the edge of a deserted field at the end of my street. I sprinted to it and knelt down to inspect and hold Rocky.

It appeared that Rocky had been kicked down the street and then abandoned. It was damaged--an edge had been broken off. Its crinkles didn't move. Rocky seemed dead.

I walked home with Rocky in my arms and tears in my eyes. Inside, I rinsed the rock in warm water, placed it on a cushion next to the fireplace, and sang my heart out. After a long week, I heard a knock. Rocky had rolled off the cushion onto the floor. The crinkles smiled, and Rocky came to life in my soul.

Friday, November 4, 2016

What Energy Psychology Looks Like Including Cost, Offerings, Session Details

Mind ReVision offers Energy Psychology, a meeting point between quantum physics and psychology. We use three forms of Energy Psychology, known as Energy Psychology, EFT, and PSYCH-K (R), the latter being the most popular choice, as it is quickest and most powerful.

The subconscious mind controls 95% of our behaviors, beliefs and thoughts.  Our subconscious mind is filled with beliefs which control us.  Most input to this area occurs in our infancy, toddler, and youth stages.  In most of us, the subconscious and conscious minds do not align.  The beliefs and values are different from each other.  This is because, as we grow into adults we change our conscious beliefs to match our own values.  When the two minds no longer align, it creates distress, confusion, and malfunction.  At Mind ReVision, we rewrite the subconscious beliefs to match your conscious beliefs, as you choose.  Rewriting your subconscious mind is a lot like rewriting a program that runs your computer.

A session at Mind ReVision looks like this: We quickly discuss the context of the situation you would like to improve: 10 minutes. We sit side-by-side facing opposite directions. I demonstrate the power of muscle testing with your arm, which is a link to your subconscious mind.  Muscle-testing gives us a true or false answer to all your statements, so that we are guided in choosing and installing beliefs. You install the new beliefs or values of your choice with a simple whole-brain posture.  It is quick: about 10 minutes, easy, and permanent (until you rewrite the beliefs in the future).  Then we lock in the new beliefs with another integrative posture: one minute.

Energy Psychology is not talk therapy, and no stories need to be heard.  Sessions are confidential, private, quick, inexpensive, and 95% effective.  During release of painful emotions around trauma or distressing events, I leave the room.  You have the privacy to process your emotions alone.  Release usually takes 5 minutes or less.  Then the emotions no longer effect your health, thoughts, and behaviors.

Although I offer a 1-time 1-hour session for $45, I encourage partners (you) to partake of the 6-time offer of $240 (cash) or $255 PayPal.  Typically, you can clean one room of your psyche in one hour, and in 6 hours, you can clean your whole house of most oppressive or outdated beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and values.

Our lists of new beliefs, values, and feelings include: Core Values, Freedom Values, Human Values, Transform Distress (Past, Present, Future), Grief/Sadness, Self-Esteem, Relationships, Love/Nature Connection, Personal Power, Prosperity, Health/Body, Right-Brain Values, Career, Raising Children.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Faith and Savvy

It has been about 1.5 months since Mind ReVision was born. Lots of stories to tell, but I want to share an insight.  I was at a dinner party in a serious conversation with a 30-something man.  He was single, well-employed, and living on a boat near Venice Beach, California.  After having learned that we, Cher Noble and Cora Zone, did Energy Psychology, and after he beat about the bush, he wanted to know why he should have any faith at all in a god. He had intellect, he said, and savvy, good looks, and a nice disposition to survive in the world, so why did he need something he could not see or touch?  This was a big question for a dinner party and I had a problem putting the answer into words, as I had never thought about why before. Whole papers have been written on this subject. So, when I came home, I thought about it.  I looked into my heart, and came up with this story to illustrate my viewpoint.

There once was a man who lived on Crete in AD 500.  He drove a chariot with a lovely chestnut-colored horse called Savvy.  The horse was fast.  The man was the richest merchant in town with the fastest chariot and horse.  The horse and chariot rolled through town so fast that the citizens became upset, as the vehicle nearly hit a child.  The man was never able to stop and chat with people, and never able to stop and smell the roses.  He worked hard at his business, but neglected his family.  He never had a real conversation with his wife.  He never even contemplated his life, his heart's desires, or even looked into the eyes of his employees.  Savvy, his horse, was forever on the move.

One day, Savvy was trotting through the square and came upon a lovely white mare, and the horse couldn't resist stopping.  The man shook the reigns, but Savvy would not move.  The sire was taken at first sight of this mare.  The man tried and tried to get Savvy to go, but no luck!  He became embarrassed as the townspeople stopped to look as they walked by.  Well, it wasn't long before the man got an idea.  Buy the white mare.  And so he did.  And he bought a new harness and put her in front of his chariot right next to Savvy.  Her name was Faith.

The man's life changed, period.  Faith now decided how fast the two horses would move together pulling the chariot, and when they would stop.  The man had to accept this new predicament, for he loved Savvy and wanted to keep him.  Faith now ran his life.  He stopped when she stopped, and there was no use fighting it.  With all this pausing, the man started getting to know the townspeople. He started paying attention to community issues.  He came home and had a conversation with his wife.  He did the dishes after dinner, with love in his heart and a tune on his lips. He spent real time with his children. The man felt grateful for the joy he felt at sharing the simplest handshake.  He allowed himself to join a club.  He chose the Toast Masters. 

He began speaking at his factory.  His employees started liking him, admiring him, caring about him. He began speaking in community forums on important issues.  The public adored  him.  His speaking put him on the map.  People went to listen to him at seminars.  He finally had to sell his business and began touring the country, speaking about Savvy and Faith, who took him everywhere.  At home, he was truly present to his family and a wider circle of friends. Faith and Savvy roamed free in his large forest and meadow.  

Faith, a strong heart presence, grew ever stronger through all these experiences. Savvy had to give up some of his control of the chariot, but at a huge win-win for all.  The man realized pretty early on what he had been missing in his life, and he now shared his story.  He empowered himself with his own heart, not with something outside himself, nor with his mind.  He understood now.  He created joy by living from his heart.  And best of all, he had the desire and confidence to do so.  He was never afraid or lonely again.  The man now always stopped to smell the roses.  Decades later, surrounded by the love of the community, the man finally died with love in his heart and a tune on his lips.

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Efficacy of Energy Psychology

There is a significant amount of research on energy psychology. Energy psychology has over 60 published studies in refereed journals, 20 RCTs, with 98+% of findings supporting the efficacy of energy psychology. Of the studies looking at follow-up from 3 months to 2 years, 100% found that the gains held. There are four meta-analyses showing large effect sizes. In a world of over 400 therapies, most of which have no research, these findings place energy psychology in the top 10% of all therapies in terms of research on effectiveness. There are now  a total of over 100 studies and publications in referred journals on EP.  There are over 70 studies published on EP now -98% of them have positive findings.  The government agency SAMSHA has now approved Thought Field Therapy as evidenced based for trauma in their National Registry of evidenced based Programs and Practices  Lastly, the national institute of health has an energy medicine data base of over 600 energy medicine publications. 
Furthermore, the research on energy psychology approaches suggests that not only is energy psychology effective, it may be more effective than many other approaches, especially for trauma. Energy psychology fits in with the cutting edge of trauma treatment such as, body-based approaches, polyvagal theory and memory re-consolidation work. Energy psychology is deeply supportive of patients. It is a non-abreactive approach that is non-pathologizing and offers self help protocols. This is why luminaries in the field such as Bessel van der Kolk and Stephen Porges are so supportive of energy psychology.
We are members of ACEP, an organization that represents over 1200 practitioners who use energy psychology approaches. There are many thousands of therapists who are not a part of ACEP, but who also use energy psychology in one form or another. Hundreds of thousands of the public are aware of or use “tapping,” which is one form of energy psychology.
Here is a starting point.
A 2012 review of research in energy psychology in the Review of General Psychology. This journal is considered one of the flagship journals of the American Psychological Association.  (Feinstein, D(2012). Acupoint stimulation in treating psychological disorders: Evidence of Efficacy. Review of General Psychology. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1037/a002860)
The first meta-analysis of energy psychology. A meta-analysis is an analysis of other studies. It looks at how they all come together. A meta-analysis can’t even be conducted until there are sufficient studies to analyze, and when a meta-analysis finds an effect, it is a big deal in terms of a technique being “evidence based”. It should be noted that this analysis was super strict. It threw out some of the best studies for statistical reasons.  (Gilomen, S. & Lee, C.W. (2015). The efficacy of acupoint stimulation in the treatment of psychological distress: A meta-analysis. Behav. Ther. & Exp. Psychiatry. 48 (2015) 140e148)
A 2009 review of the best evidence of biofield therapies (that does not include energy psychology). This is still helpful in demonstrating that there is a context within science where these kinds of things are studied using the scientific method.  ( Jain, S & Mills, P (2010) Biofield Therapies: Helpful or Full of Hype? A Best Evidence Synthesis. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine)